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The Secret Recipe of Ursula K. LeGuin

A sudden revelation brought on by LeGuin's website.

O LeGuin GeLuin Gulien Nielgui OM OM LeGuin! (all hail URSULA!). Once again this most biriliant of writers, this creative star of stars, has made things clearer by the magic of a few words. No, I don't like irony remember? Sarcasm too. Honest.

I dunno how much time I've spent trying to replicate the feel (not style) of her stories, that essence which ressonates, finds identity with my own emotion, expresses what cannot be expressed. There must have been a mystical bent, a sacred intuition to LeGuin because it sure as hell doesn't compute in regular prose.

But here it is. It's simple. LeGuin is no genuis, no extraordinary goddess. She's a single normal person in a fucked-up culture. The quote to follow. The Word of Goddess:

"Modernist manuals of writing often conflate story with conflict. This reductionism reflects a culture that inflates aggression and competition while cultivating ignorance of other behavioral options. No narrative of any complexity can be built on or reduced to a single element. Conflict is one kind of behavior. There are others, equally important in any human life, such as relating, finding, losing, bearing, discovering, parting, changing."